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How it Works
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The Topics

The 6 Keller Partnership Topics for 2022 are listed below.
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Topic - Nurturing Emotional Intelligence

Nurturing Emotional Intelligence

Suitable for: Grade 00 - 12

In Brief

There are no good feelings or bad feelings. Emotions are just data. This data dramatically affects the way humans respond. When teachers are trained in Emotional Intelligence (Ei) and embed the knowledge in every subject, students soon learn the power of recognising emotions, giving them a name, mastering the art of regulating the effect it has on their lives and using emotions to improve their own and others’ wellbeing.
Nurturing - Emotional Intelligence
Topic - Growing Gritty Minds

Growing Gritty Minds

Suitable for: Grade 00 - 12

In Brief

Goethe said, “Everything is hard before it is easy!” That quote seems to sum up the reality that the human brain is hardwired for struggle and when teachers allow students to fail and try again, mastery is achieved as a result of a combination of passion and resilience. In an age where parents try to make the road to success smooth, students are losing out on an essential ingredient in their success sojourn - GRIT. The package takes educators on a journey into mindsets, the power of choice, the role of relationships, and the damage caused by anxiety when failure isn’t encouraged as a lifeskill.
Growing Gritty Minds
Topic - Mindful Optimism

Mindful Optimism

Suitable for: Grade 00 - 12

In Brief

Our brains have a natural bias towards negativity and we cling to it as if it is velcro. If you are positively recognised five times in a day, and the input makes you feel really good, and then you open one email that is negative or disparaging - you fixate on the one negative. If happiness is essential for our wellbeing, then educators need to learn how to re-wire the brain to make happiness stick, and not focus on the negativity. It’s this stickiness that we call FAST - like colour-FAST, enduring like being steadFAST, and meticulous like FASTidious. When optimism is combined with mindfulness based instruction (MBI) and it is carried out within the school and embedded by each teacher, the treatment indicates the same positive effect and is on par with treatment carried out in a therapeutic setting.
Mindful Optimism
Topic - Classroom Management That Works

Classroom Management That Works

Suitable for: Grade 00 - 12

In Brief

Teaching is building. We are constructing competent, confident, capable, calm adult characters who will add value as citizens in society. The process of the construction is both an art and a science. In classroom management that works, the goal is to develop the three executive functions of Inhibitory Control (managing time, priorities and selfcontrol), Cognitive flexibility (the ability to think deeply on a range of topics and see different problem-solving perspectives) and Working Memory (the capacity to draw on previous knowledge and massage it with new incoming information to grow different memories). We achieve this through practical methodologies and approaches to ensure the classroom is transformed into an optimum learning environment.
Classroom Management that works
Topic - Purposeful Play for Academic Success

Purposeful Play for Academic Success

Suitable for: Grade 00 - 12

In Brief

The brain loves play. Somehow teachers know the truth but battle to apply it in a content heavy curriculum and an academic year short of time. The concept of play has been simplified and in the process we have lost the science behind it. This module digs deep into the science behind play and how to use it effectively in high performing schools at all age levels. It is rich in ideas, showing how play serves to build all the necessary scaffolding for long term, explicit memory. Play is certainly not a waste of time. Play is essential.
Topic - ECD Body Readiness

Body Readiness

Suitable for: ECD - Grade R

In Brief

The pressure from feeder schools has driven Early Childhood development centres to focus almost solely on emergent literacy and numeracy at the cost of true child development. The brain is a complex organ, high in energy demand, but unable to make the body do anything (except sweat) without connecting to our nerves and muscles. This connection is what ECD is all about. Making the connections between the rapidly developing brain and teaching it to connect and pass on instructions to the muscles is the work of Early Childhood Development. When this is done correctly, based on brain and body development, often through play, later academic results (and success in life) are impressive. In this package, we get the body ready!

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The Add-Ons

Want to take your training to the next level? We offer a number of additional training solutions for schools. Click on an option below to find out more.

Add Ons

Face to Face Workshops

Whole Staff Training

Ranging from 90 minutes to 6 hours, a highly trained Keller staff member will present a dynamic workshop at your school, to enhance your selected annual Partnership topic.

Our sessions are engaging, interactive and filled with activities, discussions, and practical ideas.

Add-Ons - Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

School Management Teams, Principals, Prefect Groups and more

The Keller Leadership Series “Leading Along the Path of Uncertainty” is designed to encourage and guide school management teams.

There are four sessions available:

  • Neuroleadership in Challenging Times
  • The Leadership Revolution
  • The Power of the First Follower
  • Hope Energy, and Enthusiasm
Add-Ons - Bootcamp

Teacher Bootcamps

Novice Teachers - Master Teachers

We’ll turn your novice teachers into master teachers! Interactive Online Training sessions for new teachers, or those struggling with a variety of classroom management challenges such as behaviour, classroom discipline, relationship development, and unpacking the ‘uncommon sense’ of teaching. Four sessions available, dates of which are set each year.

Quarter 1 Topic: Classes Don't Learn, Individuals Do

Know - Do - Reflect, Knowing your students, Apply Best Practice, Master the art of reflecting on your performance.

Quarter 2 Topic: Strategies for New & Busy Teachers

How teachers can optimize learning conditions in the classroom.

Quarter 3 Topic: Direction and Discipline

Teaching is often compared to herding sheep. Good shepherding is about students responding to the voice of the shepherd. Know me, connect with me, hold me accountable and teach me to reflect... celebrate my growth.

Quarter 4 Topic: Feedback for Feed-Forward

Instant feedback from formative tasks feeds long term mastery.

Add-Ons - Virtual Parent Evening

Virtual School Parent Evening

Empowering parents to raise competent, capable, confident children

These 75-minute, live webinars provide parents with wonderful insight, gentle guidance, and practical ideas, as they navigate the challenges of parenthood.

6 topics available:

Devices & Development

How much screen time is too much? How much is needed for effective development in this digital age. How do we, as parents, find the balance?

Raising Teens, Raising Tweens

From Charming to Challenging - Strategies and Ideas to really enjoy this season of your child's life.

Anxiety-Free Homes

How do parents create a safe, warm, loving environment which is free of anxiety in this anxiety-rich society? How to create a space  where children can develop into calm, confident, competent, capable, cooperative kids.

The Enemy Called Average

There is no such thing as an 'average child'. What parents need to know about the uniqueness of each child.


Don't skip the discipline. Why first-time listening is essential for all levels of learning and why positive discipline outweighs punishment.

Rock Solid Foundation

The role of parents is to provide a rock solid foundation for their children. How to ensure you keep your children feeling safe, recognise heir worth and help them be.