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A Keller school ecosystem

Keller is a collaboration of education leaders committed to improving the school experience for modern children while specifically focusing on the quality of teaching and thinking in schools.

A Keller School ecosystem thrives on collaboration, coaching and continuous professional development

Keller School Ecosystem

For a new world of work

We exist to bring a climate change to the education eco-system, impacting the lives of millions of children, families and communities by providing a profitable, sustainable education methodology that ensures children develop the right skills for the new world of work and life. 

We are the change that education needs.

Keller offers ongoing professional development

Parent Coaching • Teacher Training (Face to Face and Webinars) • Digital Media (Videos and Podcasts) with the latest education research • International Best Practice summaries • In-Class Application Cards and Guidelines • Class Journals/ Workbooks for students • Full Teacher’s Manuals • Monthly Edu-Mags • Teaching Material which embodies the chosen theme • Automated professional development points tracking system for SACE • Opportunities to collaborate, as part of our Teacher Education Network • Novice Teacher Support • School Leadership Coaching

We are driven by recent neuroscience research

Mind Brain Education Science

We are driven by recent neuroscience research, using science to focus direction, cultivate collaborative environments and to secure accountability for academic excellence by driving Play, Recess, Sport, Creative Expression, Music and Physical activities as equals to Literacy, Numeracy, Science and Technology.

International Best Practice

We will share decades of experience in school start-ups, rapid growth management, teacher development and international best practice.

international best practice

What they say

The principal of St Annes & SAPA WC Chairperson

Please, I know I said it at our intro meeting, but THANK YOU once again for the lovely inspirational session by Gavin and yourself. The staff absolutely loved it. You totally re-energized them and gave them hope. I appreciate it so much as a principal.

Bronwyn Fisher

We had the Keller Education Session in the hall today and it was amazing. Thank you for encouraging us and helping to create a better space for our children.”

Anton Joubert (Laerskool George Said)

Bravo Keller Education. I loved everything about this afternoon’s webinar. I cannot wait to start applying what we learned today.

Jeanette Viljoen (Certificated Apple Professional Learning Specialist & Educator)

Once again, what outstanding information and stimulation. I think that all my parenting hurdles have just been solved. I am going out to buy a wrestling toy for my girls tomorrow. Thank you so much for sharing this message and for the recording so that I can watch it multiple times.

Alexandra Bonthuys (Educator, Tutor and Mom)

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