5 Top Tips for New Teachers

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Teaching Tips which will benefit you whether you’re a first year teacher, or an old hat.

5 Top Tips for New Teachers has been running on our Social Media Platforms for the last few weeks, but we felt that it was important to place it in an easy to find destination, such as our blog.

Tip Number 1: Create Structures that will help you know every student

Childhood Biography determines our adult future. Every child in your class wants to be known, heard and belong. Whether it is a greeting (elbow/fist bump) at the door, time to be together on the carpet or a walk around the field, make time to make students feel that they belong in your classroom.

Tip Number 2: Highlight what students bring to the class family

Make sure that every student you teach feels that they are making a difference.

Highlight what students bring to your class family. Speak words of encouragement into their lives, it makes more of an impact than you’ll ever know.

Tip Number 3: Do leads to Know

True understanding happens when students in your classroom are given the opportunity to physically DO something with the material they are being taught.

Remember, the more you encourage students to USE knowledge in a practical manner which engages the real world, the greater the chance that they will grow to change the world.

Tip Number 4: You don’t know what you don’t know

This is something I learnt as a young educator, and it continues to be true after years in the field.

Learn to ask those questions, surround yourself with wise minds and harness their experience. One day you’ll be that person helping out a first year teacher.

Tip Number 5: Don’t allow your inner critic to put you down

Teachers are life changers. Allow yourself to fail forward. There is no such thing as a perfect teacher, and those who are too focused on perfection, are not practicing what they’re preaching…set gaudy goals, try dam hard, fail, get up and move forward.

As we enter the 2021 school year, let’s embrace these 5 Tips for New Teachers and have a incredible time with our class families.


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