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Bring The Conference To Your School

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Keller Education have a new, exciting offering which many Partner Schools are showing interest in.

Instead of spending ridiculous amounts of money on attending local or international conferences which add little to no value to the in-class teaching as well as teacher and student performance, schools are choosing the bring the conference to your school option.

Now, how is this different to a ’normal’ Keller Education Workshop?

In a normal Keller Education Workshop, a Keller Team member presents an engaging, dynamic presentation or workshop. In a Mini Conference, a Team of up to 4 may arrive at your school. Schools have the options of a Keynote speaker, Breakout rooms, playful activities, workshopping/brainstorming action plans and much more.

A highlight of any conference is the learning which takes place between sessions, the conversations during tea breaks/over lunch and the connections made. We emphasise this in both the set up, programme and during the presentations.

Over the last month, one such “Mini Conference” took place at Partner School, Westville Girls’ High School. We have a number more planned for the rest of the year.

The event consisted of:

  • Welcome Tea
  • Introduction from Keller Education in Lecture Theatre and Activity 1
  • Breakout Room 1 
  • Breakout Room 2
  • Breakout Room 3
  • Close

Each group therefore attended 3 x 45 minute sessions. The topic of the sessions were:

  1. Teach Like a Coach

Teach like a Coach is about recognising our impact on students, and ensuring that we realise that even on our worst days, we are some child’s greatest hope. Delegates were taught about three coaching mindsets that will fundamentally impact the sense of belonging in the classroom. 

  • Coaching Mindset 1 – Vulnerability
  • Coaching Mindset 2 – Curiosity
  • Coaching Mindset 3 – Caring
  1. Injecting Playfulness for Creativity and Innovation

Through modelling playfulness in the classroom, delegates were shown how playful learning can take place. The mind blowing impact of fun, laughter and joy on the brain, and why it is a non-negotiable in any classroom. 

  1. Reaching & Teaching the Teenage Brain. 

Tweens and teens are probably the most misunderstood group.  The effect of a massive surge of steroids to convert their growing childhood bodies into adults and the accompanied drop in neurotransmitters, render this cohort vulnerable and often broken unless teachers and parents know what to do to support them during this season. In this session, delegates were taken on a journey into the way the teenage brain works, and what key actions need to take place in the classroom to create a an environment where they are hooked, and held to perform at their best. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about this type of event, contact us on home@keller.education or Whatsapp on 084 686 4029


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